portfolio reviews

Whether experimenting with a shift in vision, applying for a grant or artist's residency, pitching a story, searching for your niche market, or looking for that support you once had in art school and now miss... there's nothing like a portfolio review to sharpen your photographic wits, clarify your goals, and refuel your passion for the medium! Read on to see what photographers have to say about working with Diane.


Nicole Franco | nicolefranco.com

"Diane offered a thoughtful and critical review of my work. We discussed two projects and edited for submission to a NYTimes Portfolio Review. She provided alternative approaches to my sequencing, a close review of post production, insight into the selection process and a helpful dialogue about project goals and my overall aesthetic. Her insight also broadened my ability to further articulate my style and strengths. She is conversational, fully present and committed to your work. Thank you, Diane!"


Michael J Costa | michaeljcosta.com

"I worked with Diane on re-evaluating my portfolio and résumé. Her professional approach made me feel at ease while discussing my work during our Skype call. She provided me with quality feedback, both compositionally and technically, regarding how to present my images with a stronger and emotional appeal. Whether you are a professional of 5 or 25 years, I recommend contacting and setting up an appointment with Diane for honest and reliable feedback... choosing Diane is an investment in your business and yourself."


Rory Hejtmanek | roryphotography.net

"Diane worked with me to re-open an old body of work. This is a decade-long project that I've been struggling to condense and focus. Diane helped me pare it down with specific, thoughtful and intelligent critiques. Her ability to assess the issues quickly, respond with constructive feedback, and then offer creative solutions blew my expectations out of the water. I left our meeting fully inspired, energized and empowered!"


Roger Elliott | rogerelliottphotography.com

"I found Diane's review of my work to be honest and forthcoming. We were able to go through specific details of each image I had provided. This one on one time is a definite advantage, helping me further my art and provide quality images for my clients. I highly recommend her, without reservation, and look forward to doing more!"